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Perspectives - Supporting projects for the socially excluded in St Petersburg, Russia

Perspectives is a newly registered UK Charity (registered number 1094295) and is a sister charity to Perspektiven e.V. (Germany) and Perspektivy (Russia). The charities have some common trustees and common aims, namely to work with the socially disadvantaged, the neglected, the physically and/or mentally disabled, particularly among children and young people in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The German charity, Perspektiven e.V., was established in 1992 by Margarete von der Borch. Whilst researching material for a paper on street children in St. Petersburg, she witnessed at first hand the difficulties and social problems that were developing as a result of the demise of the Soviet Union. She felt unable to walk away and do nothing. After graduation in 1997, Margarete decided to move permanently to St. Petersburg and to work full time on the projects that she had set up. Perspektivy, a Russian charitable organisation, was established in 1999 to enable the original work to develop further with more stability in St. Petersburg.

The trustees of Perspectives have been actively involved with the work in Russia for over 5 years: Caroline Goodhart since 1998 and June Taylor since 1999. We make regular visits to the projects in St. Petersburg and report back to our donors. In 2002 we established a UK based charity to formalise our support for the projects in Russia. Fundraising is one of our main activities and we hope in 2003 and beyond to raise greater interest, awareness and support in the UK to ensure that our projects in St. Petersburg receive the funding they require.

Registered charity number 1094295
4 Palliser Court, Palliser Road, London W14 9ED
Tel/Fax: 020 7385 3212
International Tel/Fax: +44 20 7385 3212